About Wizler

Wizler is a Web Development company focused on social media management, e-commerce solutions, and social marketing. We align ourselves with your unique brand image, and transform your company’s social presence. We have a proven track record of success in digital marketing, utilizing a variety of techniques to increase your company’s online presence and generate leads.

Wizler is…


Ryan Sieker



Jonah Coe

Account Coordinater


Eric Strom


Eric Strom is Wizler’s in house programmer, making sure that the site stays up and running. Eric started building web sites and programming at the age of 10 and has made An Arizona native, he graduated in 2011 from Arizona State University with a degree in Intermedia. When not breaking out some mean javascript, Eric enjoys playing guitar, drawing and painting.

  • If you could be a tree, what kind of tree would you be?: “No question, Oak.”
  • Super Power: “Being able to talk like Ben Kingsley.”

Jaclyn Freedman

Social Media Coordinater

As a copywriter and social media coordinater, Jaclyn specializes in understanding clients’ unique business perspectives, and translating them into functional digital platforms. With over fifteen years of experience in creative writing, Jaclyn uses limitless creativity to market businesses. In her free time, when she’s not rescuing dogs from the mean streets of Phoenix, she operates a creative food blog.


Carlos Reyes

Social Media Coordinater

Carlos Reyes is the estranged social media guru for Wizler. Downloading and utilizing the most recent social media tools to monitor trends and create unique content, a certified social media addict, Carlos is Wizler’s weird cousin. When Carlos isn’t managing social media accounts, he enjoys competing in game tournaments and uploading cat pictures to the internet. As he says, “When it comes to the internet and cat pictures, I’m part of the problem.”

  • Carlos’ Spirit Animal: “Boxing Kangaroo Champion, his title is undisputed.”
  • Shocking Fact About Carlos: “My three legged dog is named ‘Three Wheeler’, apparently unacceptable in certain social circles.”
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