Social Networking Campaigns Are The New Face of Marketing

It is no secret that social media is here to stay. In fact, social media has become so prevalent that it overshadows many other forms of communication, including phone calls, emails, and face-to-face interaction. Smart businesses have picked up on this, and have realized that social networking campaigns are far more effective at reaching their customers than direct mail, cold calling, and email. Even traditional radio and billboards are no match for the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. But a good business is not just about reaching customers, it’s about building trust and relationships, and that’s where social media really shines.

With that said, navigating the social networking universe, establishing an online presence, and keeping it updated across multiple sites is time-consuming. And while it may be tempting to believe that throwing up a Facebook page for your business is all it takes to build a social media presence, nothing could be further from the truth. It takes time, effort, and creativity to market your business on social networking sites the right way. The problem here is who has time to plan, execute, and maintain one or more social networking sites? And, how do you know if you are doing it right?

Enter social media consultants. These are marketing professionals who know how to harness the power of social media to grow your business. Outsourcing to social marketing firms has become an effective way to boost your business by taking advantage of this powerful marketing tool.

Having a dedicated and experienced team of social media marketing consultants to run your campaign takes the guesswork out of the equation, and frees you up to run your business. These are experts in their field who take the time to get to know your company and it’s culture and values, as well as your audience. Social media is all about communication and relationships. Businesses that take advantage of this tool build relationships with customers, who in turn increase your exposure by “liking”, sharing, and recommending your pages to friends and family.

Using social sites like Twitter enables you to deliver up to the minute news about your business, such as sales or special events, and research shows that a consumer is more likely to use a business that a friend or family member has “liked” on Facebook than one that has no social media presence.

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Are You Using Social Media Services to the Best of their Abilities?

social media servicesSocial media has been proven to be one of the top methods of advertising online. In fact, four out of five people that use the Internet have some form of social media account, and spend a majority of their time online using it. This makes it the perfect way to advertise your business. While pay-per-click advertisements work well, pages have shown to be a much better form of advertising. However, as a business, you may not have the a lot of time to spend on social media websites. Luckily, there is a service that specializes in social media.

What We Do:

First off, we start out by creating your page for you. The name is your choice, but most people will go with their brand name so that people can see it and recognize it while shopping. Afterwards, we work to maintain the page, which involves a lot more than most people think. People like it when businesses reply to their posts, as it adds a special meaning to it. We will consistently reply to customers to keep their interest. Also, we can add and post pictures on your behalf to promote your company, while working to grow your page.

What Social Media Sites Do We Support?

Wizler supports three different social media websites — Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. These are the three most popular social media websites at this current time, and so we try to focus on them. Each website allows you to create a business account or page, which of course we will do. Then, by using the advantages presented by each site, we work hard to promote your page and bring in more traffic. This will, in turn, increase the sales of your business and help build brand recognition.

Social Media Services Pricing

There are several different social media services pricing plans. The most basic plan will start out at $299 a month, and then they progress from there. The basic plan will only support Facebook. The next plan, the Essential plan, will support all three major social media websites and will give you a bit more activity at the cost of $499 a month. Premiere gives you a lot more activity at $999 a month. Finally, there is the custom plan which allows you to choose what you want to pay for. To get the rate for this plan you will need to contact Wizler give your social media services proposal, and then receive your quote. If you reach a social media services agreement, then you are all set!

Social Marketing Companies Can Take Over the Burden of Social Advertising!

In the last few years there has been an exponential increase in the number of social media applications out there. We have assembled a team of experts to provide our clients with social social media advertisingmedia consulting services. Our consultants generate unique content for each client while also distributing the content and keeping track of it. The benefit of using social media management is getting your company’s name out their so that potential customers can become familiar with your brand name. Further, less effort is required to reap the rewards of the open ended tool.

We provide several different layers of services. Our social media packages range from basic to premiere while also offering a custom plan. Depending on the package you choose our consultants will distribute content anywhere from a few times a week to a few times each day. The created content will be designed for output on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. Our consultants will then respond to any customer questions on those social media sites. They will also keep an eye out for SPAM that is posted so it can be removed promptly. Higher-end services include custom graphic design and a more dedicated social media manager. No matter what package you choose you will around the clock customer service and frequent reports regarding the social media properties.

Our management services take care of your social media activities. The only thing you will need to do is educate us on your services and target market demographics as well as give us permission to post content on behalf of your social media accounts. This may include giving us your log-in information. The only other time we will ask anything of you is if we need help addressing a customer’s concern. At any time your are able to upgrade or downgrade your service as well. When the service is established it will take up to a week to get started. In addition, we provide services to a wide variety of small and medium sized companies. Specifically, we have worked with law firms, hair salons, health spas, chiropractors, consulting companies, medical establishments, financial services, automotive repair and photographers among many more.

Social Networking Consulting Will Enable You to Master Digital Marketing!

Online marketing has become a gigantic pool of traffic for businesses today. Some of the statistics in favor of using social network sites to generate business are overwhelming. It’s a simple fact that gigantic billion dollar sites such as Facebook have changed the way businesses promote their products. A social networking consultant can provide valuable information on how to take advantage of this huge network of traffic. A quality consultant knows exactly how the to navigate the terrain of the social marketing world. One of the best things about internet marketing is interactivity. Businesses are finding all kinds of new and creative ways to promote their products and services. This new technology has made public awareness of new products instantaneous. Social marketing is now considered the most effective way to promote a business online today. There are so many different options to social media marketing that the efforts can be overwhelming.

Getting good social network consulting requires some prospecting. There are lot of businesses online that offer services, but often only a few are a really worth investing in. Facebook alone is a social networking consultinghuge platform for advertising. Knowing the intricacies of how to take advantage of the many different ways people market on Facebook can be a challenge for anyone. That’s why it’s also good to leave social marketing in the hands of professionals. A lot of professionals can strategize the best ways to maximize success for a business online. A lot of lesser social networking sites might be better fits for a business as well. Social networking consultants can help devise a marketing plan that is the best fit for a business. Since social networking is such an exciting new platform, there are many different approaches to ensuring success. Continuous maintenance of promoting a business on social marketing sites can also be a challenge.

Some social networking statistics are very impressive. A business that has 1,000 Facebook “likes” averages 1,400 unique visitors per day. home internet users spend almost 1/3 of their days on home networking sites. In many cases, social networking works better than other marketing strategies such as email lists and SEO services. Wizler is a fantastic site that knows exactly how social media marketing works, but don’t just believe us, call us today to talk to a social media consultant!

10 Signs You’re Overwhelmed with Social Media

If you answer YES to any of these questions, you should consider signing up for Social Media Packages!  Wizler offers an equipped team of Social Media Consultants and fully automated, personalized Social Media Content Creation for a super low monthly price. Wizler creates brand-centric content and then posts and monitor on your companies behalf; allowing your business to be represented virtually with no effort from you!

10 Signs You're Overwhelmed with Social Media


Who is Your Social Media Audience?

Knowing your audience is the first step to achieving marketing success!

social media audience

The goal of social media marketing for businesses is to connect with a potential audience, while spreading the word about your product or company; doing so will increase knowledge of your company, as well as income in your pocket! But in order to achieve digital marketing notoriety, you first need to connect with your audience.

Determining your audience is the first step in developing any business, and is imperative when it comes to social media marketing. How can you be successful in social media if you don’t know who you are trying to have a conversation with? Who do you write content for? How do you encourage engagement?

The best way to figure out who your audience is, is by asking a long list of questions based on what your company does. Think of the people you are targeting and answer the following questions:

Who is your audience? How old are they? What is their gender? What is their ethnicity? What is their education level? Their religion? Economic Status? Sexual Orientation? Do they have kids? Grand kids? Where do they live? Why do they live there? What brands do they like? Why do they like those brands? Why should they like your brand or care it exists?

From these questions, you should be able to outline one, if not more, of the demographics for your company. From that data, build a “sample person,” or an ideal customer. A great way to always keep that person in mind is to name them and then fill in the rest based on your ideal demo. How old are they? What is their income bracket? Are they single? Etc..

Now that you know who you’re talking to…

Dig deeper! Identify the personality of your social media audience. What is Sample Person Sally’s personality? Values? Interests? What is her lifestyle? Habits? Understanding these things will allow you to better understand what your target audience cares about, and more importantly, why.

Now that you have these psycho-graphics, overlay them onto your basic demographic profiles. Who are these people?

Remember that although you have a very clear range, there is no absolute standard potential customer, ie: not all 35 year old men drink beer and watch football, just as not every 30 year old female uses Pinterest, however you can still make generic assumptions about your sample demographic that will allow you to narrow down your target audience.

Define Your Message…

A good way to develop a message that conveys your brand is by thinking of what would be relevant to each group. Take the key, general messages you’ve developed for your company and refine them for each of your audiences.  A good way to do this is to think about what social channels each particular audience spends the most time on, and what specific context appeals to them.

Deciphering your audience, and the best way to cater to them, is a process that won’t happen overnight, but as you begin to advertise to these different groups, the effectiveness of your tools will begin to be apparent. It is important that you continuously ask these questions of your business to ensure that your company is staying true to your audience and the  brand you are creating. Remember – your audience is real, breathing people with purchasing power and should be kept in mind when making all advertising and design decisions. This applies to social media content creation , the tone and look of your website, and the promotions and sales you run. Finding your specific audience can be a tricky process, but once you resonate with them, your ROI will undoubtedly increase.


Bundle Your Social Media

Whether starting a business or managing an established company the importance of social media cannot be overlooked. Gone are the days when a brick and mortar establishment was all one needed. Most companies have an online presence with at least a Facebook page. However managing social media is far more complex than simply checking Facebook status. As a result social media consulting has become a game changer in getting your message to the consumer.

A successful business manager knows the value in delegating tasks to other professionals. Why try to do everything yourself when you can hire an expert in the online field and spend your valuable time elsewhere. Social media management such as posting and tweeting is time consuming, and if done incorrectly can develop a public relations nightmare. You may need help with the basics such as how to tweet or post to Facebook or simply do not have time to do it. Either way hiring out the task can provide you the satisfaction that your tweets and posts are relevant and helping your business. Social media consulting companies will also field questions from clients and prospective clients. Parameters can be set during the initial process to determine when the manager needs to become involved. This frees the manager from spending time on minor tasks.

The most advantageous plans offered are the social media packages. These packages may include your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn accounts, or you may choose only Facebook or another combination. These packages are perfect for developing a recognizable brand or maintaining your online presence without becoming static and outdated. One advantage is the consistencies you get by having one source manage all accounts. This may provide the opportunity to branch out to forms of social media that are new for your company. A package deal can help reflect an image of success and build consumer confidence.

Many consumers research online before making a decision about purchasing a product or service, and social media provides a familial context that promotes a confidence in a company. Research has shown that if a Facebook friend likes a company or product the consumer is more likely to put their trust into that product or company also. Hiring an expert social media management company can help a new business get off the ground quickly and economically. Even large established companies may benefit by a consistently updated social media presence.

Social Media Company Creates Engaging Content

One of the stumbling blocks that sometimes need to be hurdled over by small and medium-sized firms that are building their brand online is the constant need to refresh material on social medial sites.

social media firmShort of running in-house marketing programs with point people working to update the content of each program, there hasn’t been a really efficient and cost-effective way of consistently keeping the social media companies that you interface with updated.

Even when you do work in-house, it is often the case that other job duties prevail on those making the updates, making the work more costly over time.

Enter, a managed services social media firm that provides social media package pricing, so that clients can turn over the responsibility to their dedicated staff. So instead of spending valuable research time every week looking for relevant articles, images, and commentary to provide on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Linked In, you can relax while does the work for you.

Social Media ConsultantTo be specific, Wizler will create posts and commentary for you on your social media sites so that whatever branding that you seek to accomplish is fulfilled in terms of having relevant information consistently posted. On top of that, they will respond on your behalf to most questions, only deferring to your customer service in areas that you deem should remain in-house.

How does it work? has contact sheets that allow and let them know in broad form what your goals are. When you are ready, you transfer the account information to them and start to pay a monthly contract fee. Depending upon the contract that you go with, they will begin posting on your behalf immediately.

Behind the scenes, will be gathering as much information as they possibly can about your product and service and how it is being promoted online. From that information and your input, they will be able to effectively create a managed online presence for you in the social media realm, for a lot less money than it would cost to have a dedicated in-house staff person handle things.

Social media managing pricing is a new thing for many companies to look at, but for as low as $299 per month, you will receive a dedicated social media manager at that will organize and provide production for you in the social media space. In that price range, they will not only provide custom graphic design and content creation, they will commit to providing you with quality tweets and posts every week, or day, depending on your package. In addition, they will answer any queries coming in to your social media accounts and provide you with a way to access real-time reporting on your account.

Any questions that you have can be answered anytime as they offer 24/7 customer support. Specific questions to your account manager will be answered promptly during that person’s working hours.

If you think of the social media management industry as another form of advertising or media selection, it makes sense that you would consider hiring an outside firm on to manage services. It is what does day in and day out. They are very adept at snapping into whatever strategy or set of concepts that you would like to impart to the marketplace. With a long history providing content for websites, they also adhere to copy standards that will make any client happy.

So whether you are a law firm or an accounting practice or a manufacturing concern, is positioned to help you increase your exposure through social media companies without a lot of cost or additional time spent. Consider visiting them online at

What Social Media Platform Is Right For My Business?

facebook social managementSocial is now an important part of any business’ marketing and promotional strategy.
What platform is right for your brand of business depends in part on what you’re hoping to accomplish using social media. Twitter can be a powerful tool when it comes to marketing your brand online. A well-managed Twitter account can make your brand look up to date on current issues and events. Twitter is also a great place to monitor your customers and their thoughts in real-time. Twitter also allows you to respond to those customers directly, and publicly showing your entire customers base you care in the process.

On Facebook you’re also engaging with customers, but in a different way. Your brand’s page can work as a virtual home on the social network, allowing you to share important information such as sales with your best customers all at once. Businesses can provide contact details, as well as hours and directions on their Facebook page.Facebook can also be used to invite your biggest fans to events, such as a tag sale or special opening party. Once invited, Facebook will continue to remind them about that event, making it more likely that they’ll take advantage. Customers can also invite friends to events – if you choose to allow them the opportunity – growing your business in the best way possible.

On Google+ you have some of the same opportunities as Facebook, with a slightly different audience. Google+ postings get preferential treatment in search rankings over posts on some other sites, and are included in web searches made from Google. Since those posts are included in search results, with each post you’re essentially growing your presence on the web, your place in search rankings, and your brand awareness on the web as a whole.

Social media maintenance is a full time job, and one you want in the hands of a professional.
social media platforms A social media agency can be an excellent way for your business to maintain and grow a presence on social media, without distracting your current staff from the important business that currently goes on in your office. A social media management team will update your Facebook status, tweet on your behalf, and even post interesting messages on Google+ to keep your customers engaged with your brand.

Social media maintenance when done right integrates promoting your brand in with things people already do. Whether your customers are liking your page on Facebook, adding you to a circle on Google+, or retweeting one of your interesting tweets, they’re letting their friends know one thing: they love your brand.

A Guide To Social Media Management – Why It’s Best to Hire a Social Media Agency

social media agenciesSocial media management can be a daunting process. Necessary for any modern brand, a strong online presence can be attained by hiring a competent social media manager, or by using a social media agency such as A social media agency will give you a dedicated social media consultant or social media manager who will create unique content, and make posts on a company’s behalf, to personalized channels such as Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus. Social media strategy can be customized through an agency just as it can be through a social media consultant, but using an agency is often more convenient than searching for freelancers or hiring a new full-time employee, because of the wide array of options available in one place. This “one-stop shop” style allows the company to take control of its social media management by choosing a package that best suits the needs of an individual business. offers packages that post anywhere from five times per week on one social media channel, to twice per day on three.

This great set of choices takes the burden of social media maintenance off the entrepreneur or CEO who may not have strength in this area, and increases outreach and customer satisfaction. social media agency packagesThe professionalism of those who work for a social media agency will result in the best digital marketing plan for each client–a social media company like Pinterest, which is image-driven, may be infinitely more useful to one business than Twitter, which is text-driven. When this highly-tailored strategy is applied, social media will become essential to a brand’s image and will engage the consumer, build trust, and dramatically increase the scope of a company’s influence. Many businessmen and women believe that since most social media accounts are free, it would be wisest to cut corners and just have a regular employee handle the social media management. While this can work, it puts an undue burden on an employee that may not be skilled in public relations–not just because of the extra workload, but because of how delicate it is to deal directly with so many customers and have every single interaction recorded for posterity. The specific skill-set of a social media consultant will prevent public relations disasters, create meaningful interaction with customers, and build affection for the brand by tapping into the pop culture zeitgeist. CEOs and entrepreneurs will benefit hugely by acknowledging that it is necessary and good to put significant funds into social media maintenance, and agencies like can help.