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Facebook Management

What Facebook Can Do for your Business:

Facebook has ushered in a new age in Marketing and has rendered traditional marketing techniques obsolete. At Wizler, we understand Social Media and know how to utilize it to increase your online business presence.

When used correctly, Facebook has the potential to:

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Drive Customer Loyalty
  • Increase Sales

Visitors from social media sources convert to clients at higher rates than organic search, email or PPC.

Facebook Consulting

There are over one billion people using Facebook, which makes it the most lucrative form of marketing one can use for their business. Facebook Pages for business have been designed to target and brand your business, allowing you to reach potential customers like never before.

The vast numbers of people using Facebook, both personally and for business, has made having a Facebook brand page a requirement for all businesses; but just creating a simple page is no longer enough. Your Facebook page needs to be optimized to engage both potential and current customers, through “likes,” shares and comments. Engaging your businesses’ potential audience through Facebook is a guaranteed way to increase sales and ROI.

Most businesses encounter an issue translating Facebook into increased profit.

The most important way that Facebook can increase your ROI is by establishing a level of trust in your potential consumers. Studies show that when people have “liked” a business page on Facebook, they are more likely to use that company due to familiarity.

50% percent of consumers believe a brand’s Facebook page is more useful than their website.

Facebook Business Page

In addition to allowing potential customers to discover your business, Facebook also gives current customers a great chance to stay in touch with your business, helping you to develop long-lasting, profitable relationships.

Studies show that 81% of U.S. consumers indicated posts from their friends directly influenced their purchasing decisions. This means that if someone is looking for an AC Repair company, and their friend has “liked” one on Facebook, they are 81% more likely to use that company due to it being reputable enough that their friend endorsed them.

How do we do it?

Facebook Strategy

To take advantage of all that Facebook can do, we begin with the task of growing and engaging your potential community. We create catchy graphics that convey your business personality and always implement a voice representative of your company.

Community Engagement is defined as any actions that yield the attention of your online community, whether that be through posts, likes, comments, or shares. Community Engagement is the first step in achieving an increase in sales and establishing brand loyalty.

To create this Engagement, we post compelling content catered specifically to your business.

Facebook Posting

This will include:

  • Promoting your specific services
  • Posting Visual Content
  • Post time sensitive posts catered at different audiences
  • Creating topical content
  • Asking direct questions
  • Appealing to potential customers through sales & specials
  • Creating target-specific content

At Wizler, we have found that the combination of these Social Media Strategies yield to increased community involvement and translate to increased business.

By using these strategies, we can engage followers and keep them current on what is going on in your industry and specifically, in your business. Followers will know your ideas, community involvement, plans for the future, and what you offer that makes you stand out! Establishing business loyalty is easy when you post honest content representative of your company’s goals and mission.

Social Media Packages

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