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What Can LinkedIn do for your business?

It is easy to become overwhelmed when thinking about all of the different Social Media networks available for your business. At Wizler, we know which Social Media outlets will benefit your particular business the most, and how to use them to increase your company’s virtual presence.
One of the most important Social Media networks is LinkedIn. LinkedIn exists solely as a professional social media site; unlike Facebook and Twitter, where it is encouraged for people to share every aspect of their lives, LinkedIn’s purpose is solely to build professional relationships.

LinkedIn Marketing

“When people visit LinkedIn, they’re in a professional mindset. They actively seek insights and content that can help them be better professionals. And content from companies is wanted and expected. LinkedIn members are eager to hear from companies about new products and services, industry news, and career opportunities,” said Lana Khavinson, Senior Product Marketing Manager at LinkedIn.

Social Media Packages

With over 175 million members and 2 million active companies, there’s no better digital community for professionals to connect than LinkedIn.

In particular, LinkedIn is an effective social media channel due to its ability to generate business leads. LinkedIn provides an opportunity to reach potential and current customers, both in and out of your industry.

Having a LinkedIn presence will allow you to show credibility for your business, while acting as an online portfolio, engaging potential customers and increasing brand visibility.

LinkedIn Business Page

Specific LinkedIn Features

LinkedIn is the #2 social networking site and has specific features that allow it to work specifically in favor of both small and large businesses.

One of these features is the ability to search your connections (and your connections’ connections) by Keyword. This is essential because it allows you to search through your trusted connections to find people with specific skills, or with interests in a specific field. This feature also allows you to be extremely particular in your engagement on LinkedIn.

This feature also works on the consumer end, as it allows for potential customers to find your business!

People will be able to discover your company using LinkedIn’s advance search tool, which narrows results by location, keyword, industry, and even company size.

Another way that LinkedIn allows potential customers to find your business easily is with the recommendations section. The recommendations section acts as a Yelp page within your LinkedIn profile, showcasing your reputation to prospective customers.

Customer Trust

LinkedIn is also a favorite of Google, meaning that having a LinkedIn Company Page will increase your online SEO value, as well as come up as one of the top 10 results when your company is searched for online.

The power behind social media is truly incredible, and harnessing this force in the correct ways can undoubtedly yield in an increased business presence as well as a ROI. According to statistics, 50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to purchase from a company they engage with on LinkedIn; which is why it is so important that companies post relevant, professional information on LinkedIn’s at least 3x a week.

Business Reputation

Transform Your Online Business Reputation

Wizler will post compelling content catered specifically towards your LinkedIn audience. The nature of LinkedIn is such that it is imperative that the content shared is relevant in a professional sense, more so than the lighthearted nature of other Social sites. Engaging on LinkedIn will not only increase your SERP ranking, but will also give your business a prominent spot in a professional digital world.

Social Media Packages

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