3 Social Media Truths Your Business Can’t Afford to Ignore

If you’re reading this, than you know the importance of social. Although the phrase, “social media is important,” may come off as an indisputable fact to you, chances are, there are components of social that are just as integral as social itself, that you are ignoring. If you have a social media plan that just isn’t falling into place, read these three truths and see if you are integrating the actions into your social plans. Guaranteed that when applied, these tips will make all the difference!

Truth #1:  Your business must operate at the speed of social

Each business has a different speed, but when it comes to social media, it is imperative that you respond at the speed of social. When does this come into play? When your company is making big speed of socialchanges, or if they’re sitting in a hot spot. Your consumers will be interacting to you on social, and responding at the speed of social will show that you not only have a grip on your service, but that you are engaged and listening to your consumer.  A great example of this is the Netflix Qwikster merge. In 2011, when they doubled their prices and announced the ill-fated Qwikster, their stock plummeted from a high of 298 on July 13th(5 days before their announcement at the beginning of July) to 63 by the on November 25th.  Having the ability to interact with fans via social media was integral to fixing Netflix’s reputation, but it had to be done asap, “with the speed of social.”  Your ability to respond to your consumers must be precise and fast; faster than ever before.

Truth #2:  The Crowd will define you (if you let it)

social media crowdThink of the crowd as public perception or your social “community.”  The crowd on social is real and engaging (and is growing massively!) The crowd is also responsible for the virality that has taken over the web. While many businesses are making their presence known on social media, they are forgetting to engage the crowd and thus, to create a community. A great way to remember the importance of this is to realize that product sentiment and brand sentiment are two very different things; people can love your product, but it doesn’t mean that they like your company. Creating a brand that evokes your company’s message, and carrying that into your daily social postings will help to include (and create!) a Crowd!

Truth #3:  Both Opportunities and Attacks can come from anywhere, anytime

Social media allows people to interact at any time, and can encourage a lot of either positive or negative energy towards your company. Truth #3 is based on your knowledge that your chances to shine are totally unpredictable – as are your attacks.

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The best way to combat the unpredictable nature of social is to stay on top of it. Negative recommendations or comments on your social pages when not addressed can lead to a negative Crowd image of your company – but, when maintained, negative comments can lead to a positive experience. Negative interactions with customers give your company the opportunity to make things right and to go above and beyond with communication, thus further impacting your company positively than the harm a negative comment, or even a dull, positive comment, would have. In summary: Being Proactive is the New Normal!


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