The Best [And Worst] Times To Post On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+

The Best [And Worst] Times To Post On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+

Timing is essential to your everyday life, and social media posts are no different! Knowing the best and the worst times to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ is essential to effective marketing through social media! The Best And Worst Times To Post

Wizler has created a guide that illustrates the best times to post on different social platforms, and why!


Time is precious and valuable to people everywhere. The social media world knows that. Followers know that as well. Anyone that is posting to social media sites must understand this fact and realize that posts should be sent at the right time of day or night in order to get the largest amount of exposure to the intended audience.

Timing is Everything

Everyone says it and people all know that it is a truth, but why is it a true thing? In social media there are times when people will see things and times when they won’t. If someone wants his or her followers to see what his or her post is saying, then the timing is essential. There are specific times when followers check the tweets for the day.

Ages and Timing

Different ages check Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ at different times of the day and night. Depending on the category and niche, those followers check in at different times as well. All of that must be considered when deciding to post to all of those social media sites. Each one has a unique schedule for visitors and must be evaluated in order to find the perfect time to post on any of them.

Facebook Timing

Mobile Facebook users check the site around eight in the morning and again at two in the afternoon. Statistics from research show that most Facebook users that are employed do not check Facebook until lunch and after work. Anyone that wants to post during those down times will be wasting his or her time. The week-end is the worst time to post anything.

Twitter Timing

social media twitter timingTwitter is a unique creature. It is about quick posts that happen frequently. The time invested in posting needs to be short and to the point. Statistics show that the tweets that are under 60 characters are highly effective. The language that is used for those tweets adds that much more to the audience.

The audience always reflects the timing, but in general the best times are from one in the afternoon to six in the early evening. Tweets can be posted at any time and will be viewed or re-tweeted if the request for a re-tweet is made to followers. In this manner, the timing for Twitter is far different from other social media sites.

LinkedIn Times

The times for posting with this social media outlet are from seven until eight in the morning. After work, the times are best from five to six in the evening. It also is used more frequently on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Google+ Times

This is viewed by people during the hours from nine in the morning until eleven. The later day views  The Best [And Worst] Times To Postbegin at six in the evening and go until seven in the morning. That offers far more time to post things for followers to see and interact with.

All of these social media sites offer an excellent way to make a persona, daily connection with the audience that fits a niche for business. It could even be for a non-profit operation that raises money for someone in need. No matter what the goal is for the use of social media, there is a time of day or night that suits each one the best. Anyone that follows that time schedule will see improvements in both traffic and potential business.

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