Google+ Authorship – The Who, What, Where, When, and Why!


Google Authorship is essentially the biggest thing to happen to SEO since the development of the

learn about google authorshiplink. Why? It’s Google’s new way to identify the author of content, and then to use that information as an indicator of content quality.

Google Authorship will allow you to claim Authorship for things you write online; essentially allowing you to build an online portfolio through Google. In return for using Authorship, Google will then use AuthorRank to strengthen the SEO value of pages published by you (…if you’ve established some credibility!). This also works if you write for a particularly popular page, it will strengthen your Authorship credibility by writing for a page that has received a lot of traffic!

Although we are constantly inundated with new ideas when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, Authorship is truly a runaway train of genius-ness! Best to hop aboard now!


It is no secret that Google dictates much of what occurs in the SEO game. With Authorship, Google has given authors a chance to prove their credibility online. Authorship is genius because it allows you to build a reputation relatively easily. You simply link your Google+ profile with content you create, and from there, Google’s search rankings will be influenced by your particular Author Rank.

Google has also begun using engagement to measure author satisfaction, making it essential that people actually read your content.  Google indexes pages based on the amount of time an individual spends on them, and then uses that information to Rank you as an author!

Why Authorship and AuthorRank?

Google developed Authorship and AuthorRank  in response to the mass influx of auto generated content that is haunting the web currently. This auto generated content has literally spamed the web with uninformed, irrelevant, keyword heavy content in an effort to increase companies SEO value.  Thus, Authorship and Author Rank exist to validate content, and to transform the internet to a place where credible, human written content is still key!

The other benefit of Authorship is that it integrates Google+, thus forcing you to use Google’s social media platform. This shouldn’t be surprising, as Google does dictate all! Setting up Authorship is a relatively easy process; simply visit this page through your Google+ profile. Further linking your Blogs is also simple, and is explained here.

Even if you are not writing online content, Google Authorship’s author-tagged results look exclusive. Currently, the number of people using Authorship, compared to those posting relevant content, are very slim. This makes finding results with Authorship links exclusive in their credibility, although this won’t last forever, which is why it is imperative that you sign up for Authorship and begin building your reputation, now!

Google Authorship marks a landmark change for online writers. In a time when print is on the decline, it is refreshing to know that Google has developed a system to define credibility, and rid the internet of spammy, SEO content! It will be interesting to see the changes that both Authorship and AuthorRank bring in the years to come!

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