Google+ Vanity (URLs)!

With Google already being synonymous with search engines, it is no surprise that their social network has reached the same  level of compulsory use. Google currently provides millions of google plus vanity urlspeople with indispensable services from Search to Gmail, to Maps, to Product Integration, YouTube and Chrome, and their social site, Google+ has become just as necessary as their other services.

Google+ is absolutely the best social networks to gain more customers, while gaining a social presence! Google has changed SEO (search engine optimization) to include SMO (social media optimization) and then, because they’re Google, they allocated the greatest amount of points to Google+, meaning being on it is essential to SEO! In a lot of cases, your search results will show up with Google+ posts before actual stand-alone websites!

With the heavy influence Google+ has, it is important to take advantage of every new trick they unroll.  The latest are vanity Urls!


Must like Facebook Usernames, your vanity url changes your businesses digital address from‎ to A vanity URL is easier to remember than a bunch of random numbers and will stick in your customers heads more so than random numbers! The only requirements to obtain a vanity url are:: you must have a minimum of 10 followers, your Google+ account must be at least 30 days old, and it must contain a profile photo. So long as you meet that criteria (and we suspect must active Google+ members will) you’ll be able to select a custom URL. But it’s important to note that you won’t be able to simply enter your ideal web address. Rather, a help page notes that Google will let users pick from a list of URLs they’ve been approved for. Even then, Google says you may be asked to tack on a few extra letters or numbers to make a URL “unique to you.”

Do you use Google+? Have you seen an increase in your SEO ranking since implementing the social platform?

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