Three Reasons Why Your Facebook Strategy Is Failing

Social networking sites have been the vehicle for many online businesses. Facebook in particular Three Reasons Why Your FB Strategy Is Failinghas been the top choice for a few years now. With the constant updates that facebook offers to stay relevant, is all the more reason why your strategy for marketing on facebook should be up to par. Of course there are people that dominate facebook and continue to grow their businesses. Then, there are those that are struggling to create a buzz, and are failing miserably. It time to start analyzing your moves and techniques, in order to get better results. Lets take a look at three reasons why your facebook strategy is failing.

The first reason why your facebook strategy is failing may be because you don’t have a presence. Many people fail to plan in this area. You can’t just get online, especially on facebook, and expect others to just come to you. You have to strategize and market yourself. In this case, become familiar with people and let them feel like you are approachable. You must learn to build rapport with the public, even if you do it on another platform and share it on facebook. For example, we all know that videos reach a broader audience. Therefore, use youtube as your vehicle to gain more people by posting that video on facebook. Also, post your facebook link on youtube. Now, you have more people viewing and looking to interact with you. Not only are you just a face at this point, but now you can begin building a more personal relationship with your prospects. Here, you will be able to market to more people indirectly because they are now more prone to see you and what you post everyday.

Three Reasons Why Your FB Strategy Is FailingReason number two for your failing fb strategy is maybe you’re not consistent. Lets face it, as human beings, we have to see something over and over in order to stay interested. If you are not putting yourself, idea or product out there constantly, then you will get lost in the matrix like you have never existed. A good idea is to choose specific times in which you want to market to your target. For example, if you are offering a product and business that will bring financial freedom, then plan times and attractive marketing that will pull them in; such as every morning before people go to work, just when they’re getting home from work, or even throughout specific days. The point is that must know who you want to target and stay on top of that.

Last but not least, your strategy could be failing because you may be getting responses, but you Three Reasons Why Your FB Strategy Is Failingdon’t know how to interact with people. It is very easy to post and do videos, but what happens when you are approached? You may be lacking in communication skills that people expect you to have. To the prospect, you have something that they are looking for and may be solving some type of problem that they have; therefore, they expect you to guide them to the point of surety and comfort in closing a sale. You represent what you are advertising. Yes, people can read information and watch videos, but people want to have, and in some cases, need a guide into what they are getting into. So, ask questions, interact and converse with people. It’s always a good way to build because that person may bring others to you, just for your communication skills with them. Be helpful and useful, it’s what people virtually look for.

Now that you have gone over three particular reasons why your fb strategy is failing, make it a point to go back and re-evaluate, plan and make changes. Build your presence, be personable and be consistent. Watch the positive turn that you will experience.

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