Are You Using Social Media Services to the Best of their Abilities?

social media servicesSocial media has been proven to be one of the top methods of advertising online. In fact, four out of five people that use the Internet have some form of social media account, and spend a majority of their time online using it. This makes it the perfect way to advertise your business. While pay-per-click advertisements work well, pages have shown to be a much better form of advertising. However, as a business, you may not have the a lot of time to spend on social media websites. Luckily, there is a service that specializes in social media.

What We Do:

First off, we start out by creating your page for you. The name is your choice, but most people will go with their brand name so that people can see it and recognize it while shopping. Afterwards, we work to maintain the page, which involves a lot more than most people think. People like it when businesses reply to their posts, as it adds a special meaning to it. We will consistently reply to customers to keep their interest. Also, we can add and post pictures on your behalf to promote your company, while working to grow your page.

What Social Media Sites Do We Support?

Wizler supports three different social media websites — Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. These are the three most popular social media websites at this current time, and so we try to focus on them. Each website allows you to create a business account or page, which of course we will do. Then, by using the advantages presented by each site, we work hard to promote your page and bring in more traffic. This will, in turn, increase the sales of your business and help build brand recognition.

Social Media Services Pricing

There are several different social media services pricing plans. The most basic plan will start out at $299 a month, and then they progress from there. The basic plan will only support Facebook. The next plan, the Essential plan, will support all three major social media websites and will give you a bit more activity at the cost of $499 a month. Premiere gives you a lot more activity at $999 a month. Finally, there is the custom plan which allows you to choose what you want to pay for. To get the rate for this plan you will need to contact Wizler give your social media services proposal, and then receive your quote. If you reach a social media services agreement, then you are all set!

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