What Social Media Platform Is Right For My Business?

facebook social managementSocial is now an important part of any business’ marketing and promotional strategy.
What platform is right for your brand of business depends in part on what you’re hoping to accomplish using social media. Twitter can be a powerful tool when it comes to marketing your brand online. A well-managed Twitter account can make your brand look up to date on current issues and events. Twitter is also a great place to monitor your customers and their thoughts in real-time. Twitter also allows you to respond to those customers directly, and publicly showing your entire customers base you care in the process.

On Facebook you’re also engaging with customers, but in a different way. Your brand’s page can work as a virtual home on the social network, allowing you to share important information such as sales with your best customers all at once. Businesses can provide contact details, as well as hours and directions on their Facebook page.Facebook can also be used to invite your biggest fans to events, such as a tag sale or special opening party. Once invited, Facebook will continue to remind them about that event, making it more likely that they’ll take advantage. Customers can also invite friends to events – if you choose to allow them the opportunity – growing your business in the best way possible.

On Google+ you have some of the same opportunities as Facebook, with a slightly different audience. Google+ postings get preferential treatment in search rankings over posts on some other sites, and are included in web searches made from Google. Since those posts are included in search results, with each post you’re essentially growing your presence on the web, your place in search rankings, and your brand awareness on the web as a whole.

Social media maintenance is a full time job, and one you want in the hands of a professional.
social media platforms A social media agency can be an excellent way for your business to maintain and grow a presence on social media, without distracting your current staff from the important business that currently goes on in your office. A social media management team will update your Facebook status, tweet on your behalf, and even post interesting messages on Google+ to keep your customers engaged with your brand.

Social media maintenance when done right integrates promoting your brand in with things people already do. Whether your customers are liking your page on Facebook, adding you to a circle on Google+, or retweeting one of your interesting tweets, they’re letting their friends know one thing: they love your brand.