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What Twitter Can Do for your Business?

Twitter allows for consumers to connect with companies like never before. Through Twitter, companies can make intense connections and receive invaluable insights into their brand image.

Twitter is a micro blogging site that enables people to post up-to-the-second thoughts on just about everything. There are countless ways to utilize this technology, especially if you are a business owner who is beginning to establish their digital image.

Twitter is the most effective communicating tool a company can utilize.

Twitter Manager

The best aspect of Twitter, for both large and small business owners, is the direct, constant communication that Twitter offers. Twitter encourages more of a dialogue than Facebook, and because of this ongoing dialogue, it has developed into the most effective communicating tool a company can utilize. Both customers and business owners are able to contact each other on a simple and personal level in an effective and productive manner. This makes Twitter an easy option for each party. With minimal effort, everyone can be satisfied with the exchange of information.

Understanding Twitter:

Twitter Research

In today’s digital age, people tend to do extensive research before making a purchasing decision, making brand identity more important than ever. This notion of brand research caries heavily into social media, because social media gives businesses the opportunity to control their online image, thus increasing their sales and controlling what potential consumers find online.

40% of people socialize more online than in person!

The direct conversations that occur on Twitter are essential because they are capable of directly influencing consumer purchasing decisions. Combine this notion with the fact that 40% of people say they socialize more often online than face-to-face, and you are beginning to understand Twitter as a business platform.

What Can Twitter Do For Your Business?

Twitter For Business

Twitter is best known as a micro-blogging site, and because of its massive, interrelated community, it is a perfect marketing tool for promoting your business.

Twitter has relevance for every business, large or small, due to having countless dimensions that allow it to be utilized in many different marketing strategies. First and foremost, Twitter is a social networking site, and in order for it to be best managed, it is imperative that you have a marketing strategy that takes advantage of the social aspect.

Twitter Marketing

Engage Your Customers with Twitter Content

While Twitter exists as an on-going social conversation, it has also become the place people turn to for up-to-the-second news and therefore, relevance and timing are key.

The momentary relevance that Twitter offers can be used to mobilize people to action, or to inform them about temporary changes or promotions a business is conducting. Twitter is perfect for telling people about an impromptu dance class, a brand new menu item, or a temporary sale. Businesses can also encourage customers to follow them by enticing them with instant Twitter-only deals.

Providing Customer Service with Twitter

Twitter Service

Twitter also creates close relationships with prospective clients through its ability to engage directly. Tweets pertaining to your business generate awareness and reach an audience that is seeking information about your company. By engaging directly, Twitter also encourages clients, business partners, and potential customers to become “part of the conversation.”

The best aspect of twitter is its ability to create customer loyalty. Twitter allows businesses to generate customer loyalty like no other social media site, due to its ability to search tweets mentioning your business. Twitter has revolutionized customer service through this ability. Companies can directly see what their FAQs are, and better yet, they can respond directly to the people inquiring. This not only strengthens business relationships, but speaks incredibly highly of your company. When’s the last time you asked a question of a corporation, and had them respond personally, directly and quickly?

Twitter creates close relationships with clients through direct engagement

Twitter For Companies

With Twitter, your company can not only stay in the game by consistently promoting their unique brand image and interacting directly with customers, but also by staying up to date with announcements in your particular field. Twitter truly works as a one of a kind platform that lets consumers know about your product, while granting customers a personal touch that is hard to obtain through online communication.

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